Collect data

Use tablet, iPad, Mac or PC

Before surgery let Your patient to collect data usign free tablet*. In few steps he can simply answer your questions. Then, after procedure, use all possible devices to examine your patient one again using s-scales software. They can also answer Your questions at home using Mac/Pc or just using mobile phone. All data will be collected and stored in secured database for further organising.

  • VAS
  • Knee: IKDC, KOOS, Kujala, Lysholm, Tegner
  • Shoulder: Constanta, Rowe, Walch-Duplay, SST, DASH, ASES
  • Hip: Oxford, WOMAC, HOOS, Harris
  • And many more - All custom scales possible to add by yourself


Organize data

Simple of use is our goal. The software is designed by Ortopedic Surgeon - to make it as useful as possible

  • Search by patient name
  • Group collected data
  • Send e-mail with selected or previous performed scales in just one click
  • The software automaticly reminds you, when you should perform next score test
  • Automatic mail sending by date protocls (option)
  • Line charts for basic statistic




Export data

Collect grouped or selected data and export all you need to Excel® (Windows) or Pages® (Mac) just in 3 clicks for further data managing.

Buy now

Buy full version without time limits.

* Free tablet included

4 500 € / once paid

Additional tablet

Purchase additional ready to use tablet.


500 €


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